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Energy efficiency is important to us all. We would like to be able to provide our memebers with reliable information they can trust. Here you will find the resources and tools necessary to make the best decisions for you and your family.
Dairyland Power : Dairyland is the generation and transmission cooperative that serves Heartland Power Cooperative and our members.
NRECA: Short for the National Rural Electric Cooperative Association, the NRECA is the national service organization for more than 900 not-for-profit rural electric cooperatives providing service to more than 42 million consumers, including Heartland Power members.
IAEC: The Iowa Association of Electric Cooperatives represents the interests of not-for-profit electric cooperatives which power the lives of 650,000 Iowans.
Iowa Energy Center: The Iowa Energy Center, located in Ames, IA, is committed to establishing high-quality, honest, and accurate information to assist Iowans in making smart and sustainable energy choices.
Homeward, Inc.: Homeward is a not-for-profit housing organization serving rural Iowa. Homeward offers loans for a variety of programs.
Rural Power: Iowa Rural Power represents the interests of the rural families and businesses that Iowa's member-owned electric cooperatives provide electricity to. Rural Power acts as a platform of resources concerning government elections, candidates, and their views on how to provide safe, affordable, reliable electricity delivered in an environmentally responsible manner.
Together We Save: As your Touchstone Energy Cooperative, we strive to provide dependable electricity at a competitive cost to every member. Learn what it means to be a cooperative member and find valuable resources on how you can save energy and money!
Touchstone Energy Kids Zone: Learn and Play! This site has games, coloring pages, activities, stories, and videos for kids!
Cooperative Action Network: What are local cooperatives doing to advocate for you and your family? See what you can do to help!
Safe Electricity: Looking for safety information? Safe Electricity is your hub for all things electricity! Take a look to provide you and your family with life-saving tips.
Iowa Utilities Board: The Utilities Board regulates the rates and services of electric, natural gas, and water utilities, the services of communications utilities, and generally supervises all pipelines and the transmission, sale, and distribution of electrical current.
Energy Star: ENERGY STAR offers businesses and consumers energy efficient solutions - helping to save money while protecting the environment for future generations.
Department of Energy: The Department of Energy's mission is to foster a secure and reliable energy system that is environmentally and economically sustainable and to support continued United States leadership in science and technology.
Home Energy Savings Guide: Small changes can make a difference. See what you can do to save energy in your home.
Commercial Energy Savings Guide: How can you save energy and money in your business?
Questions to Ask When Replacing Your HVAC: Should I replace all of my equipment at the same time? What size system do I need? What type should I buy? Find answers to these questions and more!


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