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Support Renewable Energy for Only $1/Month!

Download our Evergreen Brochure for more information or to sign up for the program.



Interested in Evergreen for Business? Find more information HERE for business owners!


What is Evergreen? Evergreen is a voluntary renewable energy program available to your home, farm or business through Heartland Power and Dairyland Power Cooperative. Evergreen is for those who want to do more to support renewable energy generation.


How does Evergreen work? It's simple! In addition to your normal, monthly electric bill, you volunteer to pay a small, additional charge each month to offset the additional cost it takes to support renewable energy generation. There are no other requirements and nothing to hook up. 


How much does Evergreen cost? Evergreen is affordable. In addition to your regular electric bill, you volunteer to pay only $1.00 more for a block of 100 kilowatt hours each month. A block of 100 kWh represents about 10% of the average residential monthly electric usage (1,000 kWh). Buy more blocks and do even more to support renewable energy!


What forms of renewable energy make up Evergreen? The following are some of the renewable energy projects supported in part by funds from Evergreen:

McNeilus Wind Farm - Adams, MN

Winnebago Wind Power Project - Thompson, IA

Flambeau Hydro Station - Ladysmith, WI

Landfill Gas-to-Energy - 3 Biogas Facilities

Animal Waste-to-Energy - Several in WI

DTE Stoneman Station Biomass Plant - Cassville, WI

Solar Arrays - Multiple Locations

Wind turbines in a field near Thompson, IA

Pictured: Several wind turbines in the Winnebago Wind Project near Thompson, IA

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